WA 1500 Revolver and Semi-Auto

WA1500 Match

WA 1500 (‘WA’ stands for World Association; the ‘1500’ is the maximum score (150 shots at a target with a 10-ring)) is a challenging match, comprising fast close shooting and precision long distance shooting.

The 1500 Match is very similar to our PA Service Pistol match; no accident or coincidence, as these and a number of other ‘service’ type matches around the world share common ancestry.

The “revolver and semi-auto” matches have the same course of fire. Competitors can shoot either type of gun alongside other competitors with the different class of gun. Stock standard guns can be used, however most competitors use reasonably highly modified guns and equipment, including sight bars, custom barrels, custom grips and highly tuned triggers. Other equipment needed includes a holster, speed loaders or magazines and an array of other equipment like stop watches and tools.

The most common calibers are .38 (.357) for revolvers, and 9mm or .38 super for semi-autos.

This match is shot at club level, at opens around the state and country, at state titles, national titles and at world championships. Once a competitor has competed in three opens, they receive a world ranking which is listed on the official website.

The WA matches include a 150 shot match, 60 & 48 shot matches.

The 150-Shot Course of fire.

12 Shots at 7 yds in 20 seconds.
12 Shots at 15yds in 20 seconds.
18 Shots at 25yds in 90 seconds. (6 shots kneeling, 6 shots left of the barricade, 6 shots right of the barricade).
24 shots at 50yds in 165 seconds. 6 shots each sitting, prone, left and right of the barricade.
12 shots at 25 yds in 35 seconds, repeated twice.
12 shots at 7yds in 20 seconds.
18 shots at 25yds in 90 seconds, 6 shots each kneeling, left and right of the barricade.
24 shots at 50yds in 165 seconds, 6 shots each sitting, prone, left and right of the barricade.
6 shots at 25yds in 12 seconds.

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