WA 1500 60 shot distinguished pistol or revolver

WA1500 60 shot (Distinguished pistol or revolver)

This match is shot with almost stock standard pistols or revolvers. They are normally .38 (.357) caliber revolvers with 6 inch barrels and 9mm or .38 super semi-autos. The ammunition must meet a certain power factor, which is calculated by multiplying the weight of the projectile by it’s velocity.

This is a relatively fast match, comprising fast and precision shooting from a number of different positions.

The 60-Shot Course

12 Shots at 7m yds in 20 seconds
18 Shots at 25 yds in 90 seconds, 6 each kneeling, left and right of the barricade.
24 shots at 50 yds in 165 seconds, 6 each of sitting, prone, left and right of the barricade.
6 shots at 25 yds in 12 seconds.

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