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Shooting is a very inclusive sport, open to people of all ages and abilities. We have members from junior age shooters, up to members in their 90’s. Men and women can compete alongside each other, or in separate competitions, depending on the match.

Shooting sports offer you the chance to be your best and to compete at the highest level. 

Being involved in a shooting club is much more than just time spent firing a gun. There is a great social atmosphere, both here at Yarra and at the clubs that we visit around the country throughout the year. 

It is up to you what you get out of your membership and the sport. You can visit the range every month or so and practice on your own, or you can practice almost every day, compete regularly and attend opens and major competitions, it is up to you. 

Joining process: New members are welcome at Yarra Pistol Club: If you are interested in joining, you should contact our secretary and arrange a time to look over the range. The next step is to arrange a formal interview with our committee. From there, we can help you with your fingerprints, provisional handgun license application and handgun safety course. New members are invited to an induction and training course, where they learn the basics of shooting.

During the first six months, whilst on a provisional license, you may not own a gun of your own. Members can borrow club guns on Thursday nights (air pistol) and Saturday afternoons (air pistols, .22 & .38 calibers). After 6 months, providing attendance and competition requirements have been met, new members can normally apply for a full handgun license. They can then purchase their own firearms. 

*Yarra Pistol Club is not the place for people who just want a handgun! We are a competitive shooting club. New members are offered advice and coaching for all aspects of competitive shooting. We are a club for people that want to enjoy the sport of shooting, to socialise with like minded people and to be the best they can be at their chosen sport.


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